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Are you afraid of the dark? Come on a journey, and Follow a spooky shadow's haunting call. Read if you dare, and be prepared to be transported through a whimsical, gothic tale with illustrations.

"Reviewed By Lois J Wickstrom for Readers' Favorite (5 Stars)

A Shadow, written and illustrated by Gitte Tamar, strikes a delightful balance between scary and fun. All this book requires is something that everybody has – a shadow – and a bit of imagination. Maybe a house that isn’t completely dark at night, so there are shadows even when the lights are out. Tamar’s shadow sneaks, it creeps, and sometimes it speaks. It encourages the reader to listen to odd sounds, especially the squeaks and creaks that happen at night. Daniel, the protagonist, talks to his shadow. He encourages the reader to do the same. That’s when the fun begins. The playful fonts, and silly, slightly scary images, give the reader a sense of both the mystery and playfulness of shadows even in the dark.

If you know a child who has ever tried to catch his or her shadow and enjoyed the chase, Gitte Tamar’s A Shadow is sure to intrigue you. If your child likes to play at being brave while being spooky at the same time, all the better. A shadow can be a fascinating playmate. Because shadows are dark, even at night, they can appear strange. The confident, encouraging tone of this tale makes shadow play into an invitation as well as a spook fest that might work well for Halloween or campfire storytelling. Kids who like to hear scary stories will be excited to meet Daniel, and watch him play with his shadow. They might even want to talk to their shadows as well. Recommended for nighttime storytelling when you plan to be awake after bedtime."

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