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Edgar Manley is a peculiar child who feels threatened by the world shifting around him. On one especially dreadful day, he receives news of his father's death and that guardianship will be passed to his estranged uncle. That night, while fast asleep, his mind becomes consumed by terrifying dreams inhabited by a voice warning him of an ominous narrative for both him and his twin sister Louise. The following day, upon arrival at his new home, the foreboding words come to fruition when the uncle disregards Louise as though she doesn't exist. Resentment fills his core as he grows convinced the new keeper has a hatred against her and prefers them both deceased.


Left to delve alone in his speculations exacerbates his animosity, allowing the evil presence to infiltrate his innocence, fueling his vengeance.


Is the Shadow just a figment of his imagination, or is it a dark beast that possesses him, feeding on his unanswered prayers?


Is this familiar narrative coming to a finish, or is this just the beginning?

Novel III of the Shadows That Speak Trilogy

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