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run, run, baby

As the chatty classroom of kindergarten children excitedly awaits the final bell to release them for the weekend, Chloe, racked with exhaustion, desperately attempts to keep her eyes open. Nervously staring at the battered wooden desk, her six-year-old mind becomes fixated on the sound of the room's ticking clock.

Emaciated and sleep-deprived, she reluctantly surrenders her consciousness. The innocent moment of a typical childhood daydream quickly turns into a nightmare filled with a familiar ghoulish entity and its torturous acts. Chloe struggles to survive the grim reality of her hellish life in which trauma-derived monsters haunt every moment of her existence.

Ranked #33 by Popsugar in 2022 - A Social-Horror Book

"Reviewed by Mimie Odigwe for Readers’ Favorite

Gitte Tamar’s novel Run, Run, Baby begins in a kindergarten classroom, where a young girl named Chloe wakes up from a terrifying daydream and soils herself with urine. Her mother arrives to pick her up from school after she has been embarrassed by her classmates and consoled by her teacher. Her mother’s hostility toward her is deep and palpable, as she bullies and mistreats Chloe. They return home, where the young child faces debilitating trauma and despicable abuse. Her brother’s reluctance to leave their parents behind clearly demonstrates the extent of mental abuse and manipulation the children endured at the hands of their cruel parents. It was heartbreaking to see how tightly they controlled their children mentally.

As the story progresses, Chloe’s transformation from a terrified little girl to someone willing to save herself and her younger brother from the literal and figurative monsters that plague them in her abusive home is one of the most courageous things to read. The author outdid herself with this horror/psychological thriller. I’ve never read a more detailed and descriptive account of the physical, emotional, sexual, and psychological trauma that children can endure in an abusive home. There was no more fitting ending than the one created by the author, which added the perfect twist and suspense to this already mind-boggling story. Tamar’s Run, Run, Baby is a terrifying, intense, and disheartening story but it is a great book. The novel’s timeline is erratic, but the author managed to make it work. Gitte Tamar’s work is terrifying, dark, and brilliant."

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