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It sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake...


After losing his job at a genomic research company, Joel worries about his ability to provide for his family, especially during the holiday season. Even more concerning is how his unemployment may affect his perfect image within the extremist community he has lived in since birth. Lured by the idea of a quick fix, he impulsively books a flight for himself and his family to Europe when the offer of a large inheritance arrives in his inbox. Confident that he knows best, Joel blindly trusts a stranger's invitation to return to the village of his ancestors to collect his birthright. But rather than wealth, they quickly discover that their lineage only possesses monstrous truths with deadly consequences.

5 Star Review By Frank Mutuma for Readers' Favorite


"Christmas is the one time that women are allowed some freedom to contribute, hence making them feel more independent from their husbands, who make most of the decisions. The church regulates even the shopping behavior of the people of the Mountain View community. On this particular holiday, Joel is highly disturbed as he is not able to provide for his family after losing his job a week ago. As Caroline tries to console him, some information about their ancestry comes to light. Will it provide any relief? Meanwhile, Jacob fights his fear, hoping not to disappoint his father, but is tormented by Jingles to unimaginable levels. To find out how things unfold for the Smith family and the Mountain View community, get a copy of Hel by Gitte Tamar.


The prowess of Gitte Tamar in the narration of Hel makes the novel one of a kind. The keen attention to detail and the vivid descriptions of events and emotions captured my imagination and helped me form a mental picture of what was happening. Gitte also utilized suspense to great effect, and the twists and turns in the flawlessly flowing plotline kept me on the edge of my seat and looking forward to the events of the subsequent chapters. I also loved how thought-provoking the book is on issues such as religion and interpersonal relationships in communities. Readers will also appreciate the easy-to-understand language used, which makes the book accessible to all kinds of readers. I cannot wait to read something else by this talented author."

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