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When the hurricane strikes, evil awakens...


In a small Louisiana Bayou town during mid-September 1965, Albert Gilly frantically prepares his family's fishing store for an impending hurricane. Amid the chaos, he notices Adonis, a drifter, lying motionless on the street. With the wind raging and debris swirling violently around them, Albert's mind is consumed with thoughts of his family and their dependence on him as the sole breadwinner. Knowing that they would be destitute without him, he makes the painful decision to prioritize his own safety over rescuing the stranger. As Albert stands in his shop's doorway, the weight of his guilt is almost suffocating, causing him to hesitate before locking himself inside. He shouts one last time, urging the young man to seek shelter in his late father's houseboat at the end of the pier. Adonis is startled awake by his words, his mind still hazy, as he struggles through the strong winds until arriving at the floating sanctuary. However, his relief is short-lived upon discovering the sinister secrets concealed within the old wooden walls.


Are you ready to face the horrors that await?


Get your copy today and dive into the depths of fear and unravel the mysteries hidden within the Bayou's dark waters.

5 Star Review By Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite


"Danje is a gripping horror novel by Gitte Tamar. It's 1965. Aware of the upcoming hurricane, Albert Gilly is trying to close his family's fishing store when he sees a drifter lying on the street. He warns the drifter repeatedly, finally giving up after shouting at him to seek shelter at the last houseboat on the pier that belonged to his deceased father. Adonis Landry, a homeless man, wakes up to find himself stripped and chained to the bed in the houseboat where he had taken shelter during the hurricane. Struggling with his memories, Adonis soon finds himself trapped in a seemingly endless nightmare that he can't escape. He tries to identify his captor in vain, and as his situation turns increasingly worse, he sees ghosts from the past. But now, an ominous fate awaits him.


Danje is an absolute pageturner of a novel. With each chapter, you will find yourself pulled further into a surreal feverish dream of dread and horror. Gitte Tamar manages to build a foreboding atmosphere of fear, mystery, suspense, and intrigue that has you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. At no point in the story are you allowed to relax or take a breather. The tension created by the narrative is what keeps you glued to the pages. You can't help but feel for Adonis as he is beaten both physically and in spirit. There's a shocking reveal toward the end that readers should watch out for. Overall, this is a fantastic novel for horror fans."

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